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Welcome to
Danubius Club

A progressive and competitive 
IGP dog sport club in the heart of Southern California.

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Danubius Club, Inc.

Established in 2020.

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Danubius Club's Mission and Values

  1. To encourage and promote quality training of working dogs in the sport of IGP (Schutzhund / IPO).

  2. To educate the public about the sport of IGP.

  3. To support movements which demonstrate the advantages of IGP training.

  4. To work towards obtaining IGP titles with our dogs.​

  5. To support and organize IGP seminars and trials.

  6. To support and organize breed surveys & conformation evaluations. 

  7. To promote and demonstrate good sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, as well as fair & humane training of dogs.

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What is IGP? What is Schutzhund?

Schutzhund is a German word meaning “protection dog”, but there’s a lot more to it than that.  Originally developed in Germany over a century ago as a means of testing potential breeding stock, it has evolved into a sport that can be enjoyed on a variety of levels from hobby to international competition.  As dog sports go, Schutzhund is without a doubt one of the most exciting and challenging.  When done well, it is beautiful to watch and the bond between dog and handler is clear for all to see and many to envy.
Schutzhund training involves three phases: tracking, obedience and protection.  When put together, the great effort involved in obtaining a Schutzhund title, and the challenges which accompany this training, make for an obedient, stable, useful and well rounded companion and create an incredible bond between dog and handler.  Schutzhund by necessity involves stringent tests of the dog’s temperament, nerve, and overall willingness to work, and by any definition a Schutzhund trained dog is a well trained dog.  As such, these dogs are safe, happy, and obedient with great self confidence, mental stability and a willingness to please the handler.  These are the traits which make the German Shepherd Dog one of the most versatile breeds in existence, and which are still highly valued by professional trainers, law enforcement officers and families wanting an outstanding companion. 



Phase "A"



Phase "B"



Phase "C"

Click here to learn about the most recent IGP rules and regulations. 

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