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Meet Our Team

Current Members of the Danubius Club

Nelli Racsko

President / Training Director, Founding Member

- V Sky von Danubius IPO3, IGP3, IGP-FH
Nelli and Sky were members of 3 USA World Teams in 2022, participating at the WUSV Universal Sieger world championship in Austria world championship in Austria, competing (and placing the highest from the USA Team) at the WUSV IGP world championship in Denmark, as well as competing as one of only two USA Team Members at the FCI IGP-FH (tracking) world championship in Poland!  
2018 GSDCA & 2019 USCA Universal Sieger, 2019 USA Sieger Show V-14, 2021 USCA SWR Champion, 3x WUSV Universal Sieger World Championship (8th pl, 14th pl, and reserve), 1x WUSV IGP WM, 1x FCI IGP-FH Tracking World Championship.

Mariana Mack

Club Secretary, Founding Member

- Annie von Brasi BH

Yihan Xiao

Club Helper, Founding Member

- Uni von Landgraf
Sant Kreal Sherman "Reyes" - BH

Alan Tippie

Treasurer, Founding Member

K-9 partners: Sky, Hanzo, Demi

Sharon Fletcher

Certified Tracklayer, Founding Member

- Tesla von Danubius BH, AD, IGP3

Barbara Bordas

Founding Member

- Indica vom Adlercrest BH, IGP3, FH1
- Owen Oszkar de Lupus Saevus BH

Elaine Moyers

Founding Member

- Ulla von Danubius BH, AD, IGP3, FH-V
- War Crys' Geist der Wolf IGP1, IGP2, IGP3, FH1

Paul Zaki

Founding Member

- Delilah an der Borg BH, AD, IGP3, FH1

Laszlo Brasko (Puerto Rico)

Honorary Club Member, USCA & GSDCA Helper

- SG Maya von Danubius IPO3, FH-2, KKL-1
2012 GSDCA National IPO2 Champion
- V Renzo von Danubius IGP3, Angekor
2018 USCA SWR IGP2 Champion

Walter Michalowski


- Uzi von Danubius BH

- RIP V Arachis Ryno BH, AD, IPO3, FH-1

2011 & 2012 GSDCA National Championship and 2012 WUSV World Team Qualifier Competitor 

- RIP Lacie von Danubius BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3

- Bell vom Haus Walter BH, IPO1, IPO2

Julie Dominguez-Murphy


- U'Jet von Danubius

Edessa L. George


- Haruo von der Belferlein BH, AD
- RIP Heiko von Danubius BH, IPO1
2010 USCA SWR competitor, 2011 GSDCA South Pacific Regional IPO1 Champion

Glenda Jacob


- Quinton von Danubius BH, AD, IPO3
2018 GSDCA Nationals & 2019 USCA SW Regionals Competitor
- Alexi von Brasi BH, AD, IGP1, IGP2

Oscar Mora

USCA & GSDCA Regional Level Helper

Honorary Club Member

- L'Guapo de Loucyn IGP3

3x USCA Southwest Regional  Champion!

(2019 & 2020 & 2023)

Mark Pellon

USCA National Level Helper

Honorary Club Member

Attila Takacs (Hungary)

FCI International & USCA National Level Helper

Honorary Club Member

International Helper Work:

- 2018 AWDF Championship (USA) 

- 2019 CWDF IGP National Championship (Canada)

- 2019 ISPU (Giant Schnauzer) IGP World Championship (Hungary)

- 2020 USCA SWR Championship (USA)

- 2021 AWDF Helper (USA), Reserve

- 2021 IFR (Rottweiler) IGP World Championship (Hungary)

- 2022 USCA SW Regional Champioship (USA)

- 2022 AWDF Championship (USA)

- 2023 FMBB World Championship (Romania)

- 2023 AWDF Championship (USA)

- 2023 WUSV World Championship (Hungary), preselected

Lajos Voros (Hungary)

14 x WUSV World Championship Competitor, Master Trainer, Teaching Helper (Hungary)

Honorary Club Member

- Nexus von Danubius IGP3

2016 & 2017 WUSV World Championship Team Member (Hungary)

- SG Bosco von Danubius SchH3, IPO3, KKL-1

2007 WUSV World Championship Team Member (Hungary)

- SG Mauri von Danubius IGP3, KKL-1

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