Nelli Racsko

President and Training Director

Nelli has been always a great fan of the German Shepherd dogs and started training them at the age of 11 years.  Since that she has raised, trained, titled and bred numerous dogs and have competed on regional, national and international levels with six of them. Nelli has represented the USA twice as well as her native country (Hungary) 5 times at a WUSV World Championship.  For the past 24 years her dog training business – Los Angeles K-9 Services – has been successfully offering a wide variety of professional services for all breeds.



Laszlo Brasko

Vice President 

Laszlo Brasko has been in the dog sport for over 30 years. He has a multitude of experience as a helper as well as other aspects of the dog sport and business, like show dog handling, Schutzhund training and breeding. Laszlo is also a certified police dog trainer.  Since joining Danubius Schutzhund Club, Laszlo had done a lot of work as a handler, too. While waiting for his puppy, he has titled two dogs on an assignment from SchH1 to SchH3 and professionally handled several of our dogs at the 2010 Regional Conformation Show in Malibu, CA. His current dogs are SG Maya v. Danubius IPO3, FH2, KKL and V Renzo v. Danubius IPO3, angekort. 







Mariana Mack

Club Secretary


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Alan Tippie


Alan has always been fond of animals, and dogs in particular.  As a child, his father, brother and he bred and trained beagles for hunting.   Later he experimented with other breeds like vizslas, afghan hounds, rottweilers, and English bulldogs.  But for the last 23 years he has been a loyal fan and supporter of the German Shepherd dog breed.

When not contributing valuable time and support to Danubius Schutzhund Club, Alan focuses on his law practice that specializes in business litigation, business reorganization, financial restructuring and bankruptcy.  As president and managing member of the firm – SulmeyerKupetz – since 1987, he has authority over all aspects of the firm’s practice and operations.