Nelli Racsko – President and Training Director

Alan Tippie – Vice President, Treasurer

Laszlo Brasko – Trial and Training Helper

 Denise Scelci – Secretary




 Lajos Voros (Hungary)

Lajos Voros has been involved with the dog sport for over 30 years and has become one of Hungary’s most acknowledged and respected dog trainer. He has competed at 12 WUSV World Championships with 6 different dogs. Currently he owns three beautiful German Shepherd males, SG Mauri v. Danubius IPO1, KKL, Nexus v. Danubius BH and 14 yrs old SG Basco von Danubius IPO3, SchH3, 1xWUSV, KKL-1.

Danubius Schutzhund Club is very pleased and proud to have Lajos join their forces with his extensive experience and wisdom in the sport of Schutzhund.


Walter Michalowski

Walter is former professional Muay Thai boxer who has now took on a hobby in the sport of Schutzhund, training SG Arachis Ryno from a little pup to SchH3, IPO3, FH1, KKL-1. Some highlights have been getting ”High SchH2”at the first annual DSC trial, getting SchH3 in 2011 with”High Protection” at GSDCA-WDA Regionals with an almost perfect score of 99 pts,”High Protection” award again at the WPBTCA Nationals 2011. Ryno and Walter has also competed at the WDA National Champioship for two years in a row and has been invited to try out for the Team USA at the WUSV Qualification Trial.  ”Ryno is really my best friend and we are learning so much together as a team…” says Walter.  So is his female Lacie Von Danubius IPO3. “I cant say enough about Nelli Racsko who mentored me from the very beginning. Her guidance has been incredible and I am very grateful for having learned so much in a short time. The whole Danubius Club has been wonderful. Thank you!”

 Arturo Reyes

Arturo has been doing pet obedience training for many years now, working mainly with show line German Shepherd dogs. In 2010, he has acquired his first working line puppy – Lana v. Danubius “Coco”. With Coco their training is moving along quite fast, at a tender age of 6 months she is already doing SchH1 tracks. Arturo have also participated at the 2010 Regional Universal Trial and Show in Malibu, CA, showing a beautiful BH routine with Ullie as well as participating with Coco in the 6-9 mos. puppy class (earning VP2) and in the progeny group of her sire Lexi. Arturo also has participated at the club’s 2011 First Annual Trial, easily earning a BH title with Tasha. By the end of 2013 Arturo titled Coco to IPO3 and FH1. His second Danubius dog, (Nero aka Kilo, BH) passed away unexpectedly at the age of 2.

Houcine Dino Ouaddi

In addition to Dino’s full time job as an engineer at Boeing and running his private retail business, he spends a lot of time with his many hobbies, dogs, horses, boating and biking, just to name a few. He is also the proud owner of two beautiful, SchH3 German Shepherd brothers. One of them – Beo vom Fleisherheim – finished earning his titles late 2010, receiving SchH3 with a perfect score of 100 points in the tracking phase.

Ginger and Dennis Williams

Ginger and Dennis have been dedicated German Shepherd dog owners and trainers for many years now.  Currently they have two beautiful females at home- Ullie and Tasha – as well as a big male – named Czar. Ullie has earned her BH title at the 2010 WDA Regional Show and Universal Sieger Trial in Malibu. Tasha, their younger girl, got her BH title at the club’s first annual trail in January 2011.


Edessa and Heiko

Edessa L. George

with Heiko von Danubius

Edessa and Heiko have participated at two regional championships. First, at the 2010 USCA Southwest Regionals, when Heiko was only 2 yrs old, USCA earning the second highest score in protection (95p). Her second trial was at the 2011 WDA Regional Championship, where the team earned their SchH1 title with 98p in obedience and 99p in protection, taking all trophies home!


Robert Torres

Titles achieved: BH on his show line German Shepherd dog and BH, FPr1 with his working line German Shepherd dog Arros


Dana McMahan

I started showing dogs in 1997… with a neighbor who became my first mentor. I competed in the AKC show ring with a variety of sporting breeds, first with Brittanys and then moving on to Weimaraners and Vizslas. I adopted my first dog, a German Shepherd, when I was 12 years old. “Libby” was one of the factors that got me involved with training because she had many severe issues, including separation anxiety, food aggression, and barking. For two years we faithfully went out to the Phoenix Field and Obedience Club, taking various classes in basic through advanced obedience. I also took the PFOC handling classes and advanced obedience classes with other people’s dogs at this time. In 2001….I purchased my first Rottweiler, a dog whom I imported from Belgium by the name of Zak. I had planned for Zak to be my first competition dog, since my German Shepherd had too many issues to be able to go to trial. Unfortunately, Zak was another dog who taught me about training. He had many of his own issues with severe dog and people aggression and issues with being handled. Needless to say, he was hard to train and compete with but we did manage to successfully attain several titles through the years. I began working with a Great Dane Rescue group and became involved in a local boarding kennel. I worked for over a year handling Great Danes in the AKC conformation ring as well as being the primary caretaker in a large-scale rescue/breeding kennel. From there I began handling for professional handler Judi Murdock of SirBlu Great Danes. Judi taught me a great deal about genetics, structure, and handling and I spent a year traveling to shows with her and helping her with her own dogs. Around this time I also began working for a boarding/breeding kennel where I took on duties of feeding and caring for a number of dogs in the kennel. I learned a great deal about breeding, whelping and rearing puppies in helping care for over 100 litters of puppies. I also worked as a trainer, teaching group classes and in-kennel dogs at this facility. This facility gave me the opportunity to work hundreds of dogs both in the kennel and through foster work. This gave me more experience with dealing with a variety of temperament issues as it became my mission to work with dogs in the kennel to help them become more adoptable. I also began working more with people through teaching group classes and conducting adoption interviews. After working in a large scale kennel, I ended up moving and working for over a year at another much smaller kennel. I worked as a trainer and caretaker for around 20-30 dogs at any given time, primarily high drive German Shepherds and Rottweilers that were being used for Police, Sport, and Search and Rescue work. At this time I had acquired Cindy, my second Rottweiler and my first Schutzhund dog. With her I achieved numerous titles in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, and Schutzhund and we continue to train and compete to this day. I also acquired a German-import dog who was already titled. His name was Aron vom Giessener Land. Aron was titled to SchH3 when I got him and I trialled him a handful of times at that level, repeating the degree 2x. I quickly realized Aron was not an ideal sport dog, however, and placed him in a pet home where he is happily retired. After placing Aron, I went in search for a better competition dog. Through the referrals of a close friend, I was led to an outstanding litter of Belgian Malinois puppies that happened to be under-advertised. My friend advised me on a puppy and by that weekend, I was driving back from Northern California with my new hopeful, Malachai du Ciel Rouge. Malachai has been and continues to be a dream dog to work in all phases of Schutzhund. After acquiring Malachai, I soon moved again out to the Orange County area and set up roots with my remaining pack of dogs. I began working for an existing Pet Resort in the area as a trainer, instructor of group classes and private lessons. Some of the Group Classes I taught involve Basic Obedience, Agility, Rally and Tricks. From there I set out on my own and I continue to compete with my own dogs and title dogs for other people in Schutzhund, AKC Conformation, and Agility. I have shown over 30 breeds of dogs in each of the 7 groups in AKC Conformation. – Certified Veterinary Assistant through the Redland’s Regional Occupational Program. – Certified as an Entry Level Decoy with the United Schutzhund Clubs of America in 2007. – Member of the AWMA, USRC, NARA, SCABR, and DSC. – Executive Board Member of the American Working Malinois Association