Featured Members 2016-2017


Walter Michalowski with V Arachis Ryno IPO3, FH2, Lacie v. Danubius IPO3, FH1  & Bella v. Walter Haus BH, IPO1

Dana McMahan with Addi van het Bros

Laszlo Brasko with SG Maya v. Danubius IPO3, FH2, KKL  & Renzo v. Danubius

Glenda Jacobs with Quinton v. Danubius BH

David Motts with Mikko v. Danubius IPO2

Valerie Lesser with Stella v. Danubius

Nelli Racsko with V Arachis Lexi SchH3, IPO3, FH2, KKL-1, Demi v.d. Belferlein IPO3,  Rio v. Danubius, Sky v. Danubius

Mariana Mack with Ulla

Avi Cohen with Glen v.d. Seilschaft “Fury” BH, IPO1

Lena Persson with Wyanett BH

Cynthia Brockway with Xar BH, Ithor

Kevin with Dig v. Silvermoon “Panzer”  AD, VPG1, ZTP, Korung-B, IPO3

Robert Hewell with Dezmond v. Guerrero

Oscar Mora with Guapo

Tina Lamey with Driny